Main Council Meetings

March 2022Agenda to followMinutes to follow
January 2022AgendaMinutes to follow
November 2021AgendaMinutes to follow
September 2021AgendaMinutes
July 2021AgendaMinutes
Annual Council Meeting - June 2021AgendaMinutes
March 2021AgendaMinutes
Extraordinary Meeting - February 2021AgendaMinutes
January 2021AgendaMinutes
November 2020AgendaMinutes
September 2020AgendaMinutes
August 2020AgendaMinutes
June 2020AgendaMinutes
March 2020AgendaMinutes
January 2020AgendaMinutes
November 2019AgendaMinutes
September 2019AgendaMinutes
June 2019AgendaMinutes
Annual Meeting May 2019AgendaMinutes
March 2019AgendaMinutes
January 2019AgendaMinutes
November 2018AgendaMinutes
September 2018AgendaMinutes
July 2018AgendaMinutes
Annual Meeting May 2018AgendaMinutes

Other agendas are available on request.

Personnel Committee Meetings

June 2021Agenda