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Highwood Parish Council


Highwood Parish Council is a local government body in the United Kingdom that serves the community of Highwood, a village located in the county of Essex. The council is responsible for providing and maintaining a range of local services and amenities, such as parks and open spaces, street lighting, and community events.

The council is made up of a group of elected councillors who work together to make decisions on behalf of the community. They meet regularly to discuss issues affecting the village and to plan future developments and initiatives.

Highwood Parish Council is funded through a precept, which is a local tax that is collected by the council on behalf of the community. The council is accountable to the community and is required to publish its financial accounts and minutes of meetings.

Overall, the Highwood Parish Council plays an important role in ensuring that the needs of the local community are met and that the village continues to thrive and develop.


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